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IPM ESSEN 2020 28 - 31 January The world's leading horticultural trade fair revolves around solutions and innovations in the green sector. The International Plant Fair has been held annually at Messe Essen since 1983. Here exhibitors increasingly present products that are sustainable and suitable for climate change. These include heat- and cold-tolerant plant ... read more

NIEUW! - Willburg Ultrasoon® Etiketteermachine

Our Ultrasonic labeling machine is put into production !! Connects labels inseparable from the pot. This revolutionary machine works very carefully, needs no glue and is always ready !. With a capacity of up to 2,500 pots per hour suitable to be deployed in each pot line. read more

NIEUW! - Willburg Green Elf Kunstmestdoseerders

Willburg Projects BV has become the exclusive importer of the famous Green Elf kunstmestdoseerders. Applications The Green Elf dispensers are electronically controlled dispensers which can be set very accurately be no additional metering rings. one can simply set a different dosage by means of a keyboard. There are supply handheld ... read more


You do not need all year conveyors? Then Willburg Projecten BV your ideal solution. Rent conveyors for the period, and your business is never under pressure because of conveyors that are not used throughout the year. This allows you to keep your costs low and efficiency high. After all, you ... read more