Mayer machines

Mayer machines

Filling pot

Mayer TM 1010 F
The Mayer TM 1010 F is to date the best selling Mayer potting machine.
Proven quality, strong design, your confidence more than worth.

Mayer TM 2400
Even those who are already convinced of the economy, productivity and
the versatility of the Mayer potting machines will surely be surprised by the Mayer TM 2400.

ayer TM 2432
The Mayer TM 2432, a versatile potting machine, especially suitable for nurseries

Mayer TM 2800
The Mayer TM 2800, a new standard in nursery machines.
Up to 40 pot and yet remains compact.

Filling tray

Mayer KF trayfiller
The KF Mayer tray filler, a simple tray filler for optimal filling
your trays or boxes.

Mayer sjabloonvuller
Mayer MDR Sjabloonvuller offers the ideal solution for larger volumes
and as the basis of a oppotlijn or cutting stub.

Mayer BZ 6160 Big Bale
More and more use is made of Big Bales. The Big-bale doser
can handle any size Big Bale.

Mayer EM 6002 Soil Mixer
Your own little compost factory. For this very special mixtures mixer is a godsend.

Pot operation

Mayer TR 4100 potrobot
A sophisticated potrobot put the pots on your mobile table system.