Customer name

Son en Koot


Son en Koot special Ultrasonic

Project description

‘Son en Koot’ special Ultrasonic:

Willburg Machinebouw has long been known for its Ultrasonic labelling machine. The machine uses vibration to fuse labels to pots. Customers do not need adhesive or other techniques to affix labels. The machine is equipped with a repository allowing customers to affix a large number of labels at the same time.

The ‘Son en Koot’ Ultrasonic machine has been specially designed in accordance with customer requirements. It is adjustable to within 30 cm of the ground and can reach a height of 90 cm. This allows the customer to fit the machine to both low and high conveyor systems.

The machine can be adjusted with a rotating lever. This makes it extremely easy to change the machine to the relevant size.


  • Labelling
  • Ultrasonic
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