Customer name

Van der Burg


Cutting sorter

Project description

``Van der Burg``cutting sorting:

Willburg Machinebouw BV installed a cutting sorting machine for customer ‘Van der Burg’ in 2022. The system measures the volume of each type of cutting based on a programme selected on the computer. This allows the customer to use a different sorting for each type of plant.

The cuttings are sorted from small to large and collected in trays. At ‘Van der Burg’, cuttings that are too small or too large are disposed of into a fault track. An air blower ejects the leaves into the right containers.

On the computer, users can set how many cuttings may be collected in a container. The machine will indicate that the container is full 10 cuttings in advance by emitting a beep. This way the container can be changed in time. If the container is not changed, the machine will pause when the complete number of cuttings in a container is reached. Once the container has been changed, the machine will automatically restart.

The Vision Camera:

The camera installed at ‘Van der Burg’ can ignore shadows and water reflection by means of a special light crown so that measurements are not affected. This camera can be used for other functions as well as for volume. For example:

  • Height measurement
  • Flower bud counts
  • Leaf recognition
  • The camera can distinguish and measure colours
  • The camera can also detect unevenness in leaves


  • Cutting sorting
  • Vision camera

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