Customised automation

Integrated solutions
for the horticulture industry

Willburg Projecten is a growing company operating in the horticulture industry.
We specialise in the design and manufacturing of machines for nurseries.

Integrated solutions for the horticulture industry

With our integrated horticultural machinery, we provide robust solutions. Willburg Machinebouw creates machines for activities from potting all the way through to product transfer. If you are curious about our products, please take a look at our ‘Products’ page

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Customised machines for the horticulture industry

In addition to our standard machines, Willburg Machinebouw also manufactures customised machines that offer an ideal solution to an individual problem. We work with our customers to devise ideas and help them in the best way possible.

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Conveyor systems for plants and trees

Willburg Projecten BV supplies conveyor belts for various applications, whether for pots, trays, crates, boxes, or Christmas arrangements. We can create the appropriate conveyor system for every product.

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About us

Willburg Projecten is a growing business operating in the horticulture industry.

Willburg Projects is a dynamic and growing company in the horticultural sector, specializing in the design and manufacturing of machinery for various horticultural nurseries. Our expertise includes handling, pot carriers, pot washers, spreading machines, and potting machines. We are able to respond flexibly to the specific wishes and needs of our customers.

The production of these advanced machines is carried out by Willburg Machinebouw (WBM).

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Our Services

Designing and accomplishing solutions in the horticulture industry.

We have been designing machines for agricultural and horticultural applications for more than 20 years. We specialise in automation within the horticulture industry.

Machine design and engineering

Our team works tirelessly to design and implement improvements to machines.

  • Future oriented
  • We work with our customers to device solutions
  • Safety

Machine repair and maintenance

At Willburg Machinebouw, we have a team of mechanics with field experience.

  • Overheals
  • Repairs
  • Service

Project planning and management

Our sales team works with you to design and set up projects.

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Realisation

Our vision

Outstanding service from
design to execution.

  • More than 20 years of experience
  • 1,000+ machines around the world
  • We work with our customers to devise solutions!

Recent projects

Our recent projects around the world!

The following is a brief overview of some of the projects which we have recently completed. If you have any questions about these projects, you can reach us using the contact form and/or using our contact details, which can be found on the contact page.
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  • All
  • Cutting sorting system
  • Label/stickermachines
  • Pottenrobots
  • Potting machines
  • Sorting systems

Waterplantenkwekerij R. Moerings B.V.

Customer nameWaterplantenkwekerij R. Moerings B.V.ProjectPot in Tray RobotProject descriptionComplete pot in tray line: Recently, a complete pot-in-tray line was delivered [...]

Crea tech

Customer nameCrea TechProjectOrchid potting machine for garden herbsProject descriptionWillburg Projecten has been supplying potting machines for the orchid market since [...]

Van der Valk Patio

Customer nameVan der Valk ``Patio Plants``Project3D sorting line HelleborusProject description‘``Van der Valk Patio Plants`` plant sorting machine: We installed a [...]

Everde Growers

Customer nameEverde GrowersProjectEverde transfer systemProject description‘Everde Growers’ plant sorting system: In the USA, Willburg Machinebouw has created a two-layer transfer [...]

Son en Koot

Customer nameSon en KootProjectSon en Koot special UltrasonicProject description‘Son en Koot’ special Ultrasonic: Willburg Machinebouw has long been known for [...]

Van der Burg

Customer nameVan der BurgProjectCutting sorterProject description ``Van der Burg``cutting sorting: Willburg Machinebouw BV installed a cutting sorting machine for customer [...]