Customer name

Everde Growers


Everde transfer system

Project description

‘Everde Growers’ plant sorting system:

In the USA, Willburg Machinebouw has created a two-layer transfer line on which potted plants are sorted by barcode. The pots are placed on a peeler in large quantities by means of a forklift. The first pot in each plant type is scanned using the barcode so that the machine knows what to expect. With an Oracle connection, in which Willburg and DMC (the software company) collaboratively transfer data, we can send the pots to the correct transfer lane. Each lane is linked to a company/lorry and/or to a customer.

The transfer lanes have sensors that detect when the lanes are full. These allow us to automatically pause and restart the machine when needed.

In addition to sorting and transfer, the line also has the following functions:

  • The machine line has a sticker printer and labelling machine so that additional stickers and or advertising stickers can be affixed to the pots..
  • A washing line ensures that the pots are neatly delivered to the customer.


  • Transfer line
  • Barcode scanner
  • Sticker applicator

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