Customer name

Inntal Pflanzen- & Logistikzentrum


Inntal transfer system

Project description

Willburg Machinebouw BV installed a transfer line for German customer Inntal in 2021.

In the past, herbs and crops were collected together by order, which represented a significant cost for the customer and required many employees. We thus designed a delivery system with Inntal to help improve its processing.

The transfer line at Inntal is actually 37 transfer lines. A barcode reader scans each tray at the beginning of the line; Willburg’s system then sends a barcode to a third party. These data are sent to an Oracle system, which in turn sends information to our PLC. Using this as a basis, we know exactly which track to send the tray to. The tracks are each linked to a customer. This approach allows orders to be filled automatically during the day and without employees having to carry out unnecessary manual work.


  • Sorting machine
  • Transfer line
  • Barcode scanner

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