Customer name

Van der Valk ``Patio Plants``


3D sorting line Helleborus

Project description

‘``Van der Valk Patio Plants`` plant sorting machine:

We installed a sorting machine mounted with a 3D camera at ‘Patio Plants’ last year. We determined the camera based on the crop. The 3D camera can use infrared light to create a 3D image of a plant. This 3D image is used to calculate both height and volume. Using this information, the customer can decide where to transport the plant.

The machine at Patio Plants has 24 lanes and 12 sorting types. Each of these has access to 2 transport lanes. If 1 of the 2 lanes is full, the next lane is automatically activated. This gives the customer time to clear the first line with our programmed emptying function.

Sorting per lane can be adjusted on a computer. This allows the customer to adjust the height and volume for each sorting. Anything outside will automatically be transferred to the last lane (also called the ‘soiling’ lane).


  • Sorting machine
  • Transfer line
  • 3D camera

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